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Corona Thinking : Can humans as selfish creatures coexist with nature?


Dr. Koichi Goka, Ph.D., Doctor of Agricultural Science, briefly summarized two articles by Dr. Koichi Goka. They resonate intensely.
Not so easy. # New Normal This is not the case.

Human nature is selfish and will remain essentially the same.
Considering human society from a biological perspective, the only decisive difference between humans and other animals is that we have developed an identity. Other creatures think only of passing on their genes to the next, leaving no room for other considerations. Therefore, they protect their children for that purpose.
However, humans with an identity have learned to “enjoy their own life.

In biology, human beings are inherently very weak creatures. It is because we are weak that we were able to gather together, form communities, win battles against wild creatures, and survive. In the process, we evolved a unique humanistic trait that other species do not possess.

They became strong because they were weak and could afford to be strong because they survived. As a result, civilization and culture developed.
Altruism, the ability to help others even those who are not related to us by blood, is the weapon of human beings, but as society has grown and material wealth has increased, selfishness has overtaken altruism in favor of ego and personal needs.

No other organism lives past its reproductive prime compared to other organisms. Humans do not have a program to die after child rearing. We have become creatures that can live a long life.

Because they have the rest of their lives ahead of them, they are unable to sustain themselves as living creatures because they value their present selves. It is not instinctive. They make the same mistakes because they are not connected to the next generation.
Even if they can congregate in the first place, they will only create a network that does not serve their own interests.

Even if I do not want my life to meet with disaster now, it is not in the nature of society to be sustainable.

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