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After Corona Thoughts : Society’s feelings are out of sync with one’s own feelings.

“It’s just a matter of how you feel.”

As long as people live in society, there is only a question of feelings.
On the other hand, the coming of a virus, typhoon, or meteorite is a matter of nature, and it destroys people’s lives without mercy, regardless of any human feelings. They are completely unable to read the atmosphere.

A few years ago, a volcano erupted and “the government did nothing!” I saw a news report of a person lamenting that the government has no control over nature, and although I felt sorry for him, I thought to myself, “What a pity.

During a request for self-restraint, one is socially punished for having a shot contest in Roppongi or traveling to Okinawa. This seems to be common practice in the entertainment industry, which is steeped in the most high-minded morals. It even goes so far as to endanger the lives of celebrities. Disturbing the social order is more worthy of death than a virus.

But since yesterday or so, I guess I’m free to go.
I learned the lesson of the tsunami from the Great East Japan Earthquake, “Just run! But looking at the social situation later, it is frightening just to think of the punishment that awaits us if we return to Tokyo.
I hope you all will show a spirit of tolerance and forgiveness with the #NewNormal.
Otherwise, they will flee farther away.