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Tips for preventing social networking flame wars : Be tolerant, acknowledge others, and remember to be kind.


There was a certain fire control job.

Specialized lawyers will identify the slanderous person and send more and more content proofs.
Those who only share unintentionally take down their postings immediately. However, we identified 10 malicious people who did not take it down until the last minute and determined the addresses of several of them.
When the agent goes with the complaint…. What a surprise, those people were apparently middle-aged male businessmen who looked frail. The point here is middle-aged male creeps! I’m not talking about that. It was a surprise to me that seemingly ordinary people were the culprits of the malicious posts.

People’s behavior on social networking sites is a spinal reflex (on the Internet) without examining the things, or on the contrary, almost without chewing them in the brain. reacting without thinking) to help spread the word. And they don’t realize that it is, at worst, aiding and abetting murder.

Innocent people cannot even vent their remorse. They cry themselves to sleep. The nightmare continues even after they wake up from sleep. All the time.

Internet articles that are completely untrue will continue to have a negative impact on the victim’s later life for what seems like an eternity.

Celebrities, in particular, are often victimized in this way, and in recent years, clients have shied away from appointing them based on the rumors, so the value of the talent or the ゙They will be defeated by the irresponsible power of anonymity. That is far more inexcusable than losing one’s job due to corona, and so far we have not even begun to develop a vaccine.

Talent are ordinary human beings and have lives. Moreover, like salaried workers, they are not compensated for their long-term lives, so it is a business in which they risk their lives. Some people say, “I do it because I like it, so why not?” However, there is no reason for them to be criticized for doing a job they like, or to be treated in an unreasonable manner. It does not mean that they should be deprived of their rights.

Celebrities talk politics, have affairs, and occasionally spread their wings on a southern island.
No matter how bored everyone is with self-restraint, no matter how much they only watch the wide screen shows and the internet, we must not forget how to behave as a human being in a normal face to face situation. We must not.

I remind myself again.

Be tolerant, acknowledge others, and remember to be kind.