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Poskolona : The Cue for “Exceptional Rats

There is such a thing as an “exception rat. Ordinary rats are too anxious to pick up a piece of cheese that has fallen in the middle of the room unless their whiskers are attached to the wall. But “Exceptional Mouse” can eat the cheese without any problem. Seeing him, the other rats follow him fearlessly and eat the cheese.

An “exception rat” is an artist. Art is the ability to jump without assumptions and intuition. Intuition is the sensitivity that we have developed over our long lives.

Companies, on the other hand, are a world of performance and numbers. It is a world where if you bring only your intuition, you will be immediately rejected. But there is no way that reality (including nature) will adjust to the numbers on a desk created by humans.

Post-corona, it is the turn of the “exception rat.