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Post-Corona Thinking : The Attraction of an Offline World that Cannot be Netted

The term “ubiquitous society.”
The term became popular in 2000, when broadband began to spread.

Although there were no smartphones at the time, the term describes a society that is connected “anytime, anywhere” via PCs. Later, it was called IOT (Internet of Things – Internet of Things) and included everything from smartphone devices to home appliances, automobiles, and everything else that was connected.

And now every real place and thing is online, and ubiquity extends from UberEats to drone weapons. Entrepreneurs will not be satisfied with only Internet-based services such as games and music, but will take the offline world (real places not connected to the Internet) online and connect it to new businesses, thereby computerizing the world.

At such times, the “offline” area may be the most popular in the post-Corona area. Not being connected to the Internet will be a selling point. Meditation, reading, travel, and sex will be popular.

It is the experience, the life itself, that can never be put online.

In the radio wave underpopulated area of Okinawa