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Corona Thinking : Leaders know how to run, avoid, and get down!


In a crisis, a leader must know how to flee, avoid, and get down.

I mean, you’re the only one! You’d think.
Aside from national leaders and other socially responsible leaders, small business owners like myself think these three principles are important. ←Sorry.

When the Great East Japan Earthquake hit, I was the president of Sony Digital Entertainment, and immediately after the quake, I escaped from the 35th floor by the stairs at once, which was frowned upon by employees. ←I’m sorry.

But, as an excuse, I bought up all the towels, hokarons, and rice balls I could find in stock at the convenience store on the first floor of the building, and distributed them to all the employees and mothers with children in the neighborhood who came down. ←After about three days of this, there was a movement to stop buying up everything. I was only 15 minutes after the earthquake, so please forgive me.

The next day, we launched “Save Mind, 100 Creations,” a donation program using Docomo’s i-mode billing system, and were the first to start supporting the project.

And this time, when the corona outbreak occurred in Wuhan, we immediately worked with our talents to donate masks. This was on January 26. This was on January 26, three days after the Chinese government locked down Wuhan.

Furthermore, when I went to New York on business on February 6, I had to take off my mask as soon as I left the airport because I had heard that Asians would be beaten up if they wore masks in the city. When I arrived in Los Angeles the following month on March 17, I experienced lockdown, stay-home, and social distancing in a few days, and was surprised at how loose it was when I returned to Japan.

However, thanks to the impossible experiences of the past three months in Wuhan, New York, and Los Angeles, he decided that he should flee Tokyo and arrived in Okinawa on April 2 and has been living in Okinawa ever since.
From the outskirts of a corona-free village in Okinawa, I look out at the world like Arthur C. Clarke and wonder what I can do to help.

My job is to entertain people. And that’s all I can do.
So, to provide top-notch content in live entertainment in preparation for the 5G era, which will begin in earnest in the fall. That is Speedy Live.

In order to make good use of his increased leisure time after his long estate, he created an earth-friendly, inventory-free publishing house. I want to contribute to the increase of human “knowledge” by introducing new talents who are not covered by existing publishers.

After all, it does not seem important for a person like me to “run away,” “avoid,” and “get down” in order to become maximally strong. We can be strong because we are weak.