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The post Corona Thoughts : Developing Remote Trust Capabilities!

Before Corona, the meaning of “work” was to go to a certain place by crowded train, gather together, discuss, and do a certain thing.

After Corona, however, the question of “Remote Trust” will be raised.
Remote trust refers to the ability to establish a trusting relationship with someone you have never met to complete a job. For example, a remote trust would be the ability to order a billion-dollar job to someone you do not know.
Right now, it is merely a remote interaction with relatives who know each other in real life. This will become a business skill that will make remote capability a must for post-corona.

Continental people, such as Chinese and Americans, are accustomed to doing business remotely because of their country’s large size. They can normally work with strangers in New York and Los Angeles or Beijing and Shanghai. So they frequently talk on the phone with distant partners. The “fumi culture” of sending a line to a subordinate who is right in front of you, as is the case in Japan, will not allow you to expand your business in the future.

The major issue for the Japanese post-Corona will be how to fix their insularity, which prevents them from ordering work unless they are entertained and get along well with others.