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Corona changes gender relations


I hear “corona divorce” is all the rage.

It was on a morning show on NHK. I was thinking that Corona has already become a general topic treated as a wide show, and the content…

Husband works from home and says, “I’m here at work, so stop fussing!” He rants and raves at his wife and children. Since these programs are made up of contributions from the wives, he says, “I’ve been thinking about divorce for a while, at least until my daughter got a job, but thanks to Corona, I’ve made up my mind. After that, the program laughed as it listed the key points of how to prevent a corona divorce. Apparently it’s mostly couples in their 40s-50s.

On the other hand, engagement seems to have increased dramatically. It seems that people in their 20s and 30s, the “one-person” generation who said they could live on their own, have decided to be with someone else after Corona, as they feel they will die of loneliness if they don’t change their ways.

So, taking these two phenomena together, the correct choice would be to marry and live together from ages 20-39, and divorce at 40 if there is even the slightest defect.

Now, I hope you will quickly start covering what should be done from the age of 61.