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Try your hand at making soybean milk miso! Raw Miso that works directly on the intestines.

It is said that the intestine is such an important organ that it is called the second brain, but in fact, the health of the intestine is so important that it also affects life expectancy to the extent that the brain is called the second intestine.
Japanese people have been eating meat habitually for only about 70 years.
In the Edo period, power food was “miso soup + tofu + natto + deep-fried tofu”.
Then, a month ago, my friend from Okinawa, Mei Sonoda, a fermentation meister, invited me to try my hand at making “raw miso,” and moreover, “raw miso” using soy milk.
It took us three weeks to finish it, so we cooked it in various ways and tasted it together.
Delicious not only in miso soup, but also in yose-nabe! Tastes great on boiled eggs or raw veggies!
Please read below to learn more about how raw miso is good for you.
First, what is the difference between regular miso and raw miso?
Simply put, “good bacteria directly to the intestines.”
(1) Ordinary miso
– Sake spirit is added to miso to protect its quality for a long period of time, which interferes with the original miso aroma to no small degree.
– Humans secrete the strongest digestive enzyme, stomach acid, so most bacteria cannot pass through the stomach.
– Often contains additives.
(2) Raw miso
– The action of the bacteria and enzymes is not stopped by heating or sake distillation.
– They reach the intestines alive and help increase the number of good bacteria.
– The action of bacteria that reach the intestines alive is called “probiotics,” and its effects include the following
Intestinal regulation, effect on allergies, cholesterol reduction
These include effects due to the production substances.
With Ms. Sonoda’s recipe, “fresh miso” could be easily made by hand.
3 minutes of preparation, 1 month of fermentation, strong umami and low salt content. Additive-free and safe. Soy-milk miso. See below for how to make it.
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Probiotics are defined by the British microbiologist Dr. Fuller as “live microorganisms that have a positive effect on the health of the host by improving the balance of the intestinal flora” (1989).