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Can you plan a contemporary artist, Eiki Kimura (Keeyan), painter!

After a long absence, we visited the studio of Hideki Kimura, a.k.a. Keyan.
It has been two and a half years since we met before Corona. He was more and more eager to produce!
Keyan, 79, has been producing rock events and musicians since the 1960s, and along with Yuya Uchida, Joe Yamanaka, Fujio Yamaguchi, Char-Char, and others, has laid the foundation for Japanese rock music.
Produced Frank Zappa’s live performance at Kyoto University’s Seibu Auditorium, and produced World Rock Concerts – Mountain, Papalardi, Jeff Beck, and the New York Dolls at Kyoto’s Maruyama Park Music Hall.
In 2002, at the age of 60, he suddenly declared himself a painter. Soon to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his painting career, Mr. Hideki Kimura has denied being a gallerist or framer, and has painted more than 200 murals on walls all over Japan.
This time, he asked us if we could exhibit his punk artworks as “the art of contemporary artist Hideki Kimura” before his 80th birthday.
Now, can such an impossibility be planned and realized? Stay tuned!
The gorillas on the left side of the photo are painted in front of the gorillas at the Kyoto Zoo.
The center of the picture is a sliding door picture dedicated to Seiren-in.
On the right is a recent work by Keyan Studios.

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