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LINE Stamp [Mr. F’s Peasant Life] (Speedy Inc.) 8th Stamp Released!

LINE Stamp [Mr. F’s Peasant Life] (Released by Speedy Inc.)
The unpredictable Mr. F, who pulled out “Blade of Demon” last time and “One Piece” last time, has released his 8th stamp without any sexual misconduct.
I can’t wait to see what great character I can beat this time.
The contents include famous quotes from Okinawa, such as “Let’s talk about difficult things tomorrow,” “Dakkara yo yo,” and “No, I don’t get it.
Nanjie” is the official character of Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture (only here in the whole of Japan is an old man the main character!) There are collaborations!
↓ grab your 120 yen and pop it in! Please!