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Becoming a Double Lifer in the Metaverse

This morning, the news that Facebook is changing its name to “Meta” was covered. They are keeping the brand name but changing the name of the company. The reason for the name change is to accelerate investment in the Metaverse (10 billion yen = 1.1 trillion yen per year), so they are putting a lot of effort into it.
The term “metaverse” was coined by science fiction author Neal Stephenson from his 1992 book “Snow Crash,” combining the English words “meta” and “universe. It is now also used as a common name for virtual space services.
Now, for those of you who think you are living a life unrelated to the Metaverse, let me explain.
Insta-viewing, for example, is a kind of in-metaverse fun. Even if it doesn’t look good in reality, it is good if it looks good in the net space, like plastic surgery on the Internet.
More to the point, there was a tragic accident recently. A person was hit by a train while operating on the tracks while too immersed in looking at his phone. I suppose these are also the sensations of no longer living in the real world.
These things exist apart from good and bad. We live in two worlds without knowing it.
This posted image is called “Decentraland” (Decentraland), which is like the game “Second Life” or “SimCity” in the old days. If you want to build a gallery here, it will cost about 500,000 yen for the land.
I’ve been to several NFT galleries and many of them are simply linked to Opensea from the images of the artwork exhibited. This may sound technical, but you need to connect a virtual currency wallet to enter here. In Japan, there are only about 3 million people with virtual currency accounts, and the number of people with wallets is probably only a few percent of this total, so the number of people who can enter is very small.
If there were more of them, a new economic zone could be created.
By the way, if you change the hair color to make an avatar, please don’t make the eyebrows the same color too lol.
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