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We may live in the city, but we live in the earth and nature.

The undersea volcanic eruption in the Ogasawara Islands has had a serious impact on the oceans of Okinawa Prefecture.
The photo also shows a large amount of pumice stone drifting to Kunigami fishing port in northern Okinawa, where it is said that boats are still unable to launch this morning.
At the same time, the red tide that has been occurring mainly along the Pacific coast of Hokkaido has not subsided for more than a month. Sea urchins are almost completely wiped out.
When sea urchins go bad, salmon are also associated and the ecosystem is rapidly collapsing. The higher organisms that lead to this kind of phenomenon are called keystone species.
We need to use our wisdom to make sure that all fishing ports are restored to their original state as soon as possible.
Many people in the city may not be familiar with it, but if you know that there is almost no Japanese sea urchin at sushi restaurants, you will understand the seriousness of the situation.
We may live in the city, but we live in the earth and nature.
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