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Sauna party for three boys!

Our annual sauna party!
… From.
Zhou Yei Xiang
Dinner at “H” (Acqua), a restaurant owned by
A wonderful array of ingredients, all prepared by Chef Tetsuya Horie!
The interaction with each food producer was introduced, making the dinner time more enjoyable.
The caviar lime, which we also grow at our Speedy Farm, was a great learning experience for the crab chafing dish that played with caviar.
The ostrich meat, which has no habits at all, is raised by Mr. Kato of “Noblesse Oblige” in Ibaraki Prefecture. Delicious lean meat!
Mr. Tokunaga, the apple producer used for dessert, talked about how he does not have a cell phone and has to be contacted at 5-6 AM to place an order, and the watercress ice cream and olives made by Mr. Hirayama of “Hiratake Farm” in Shizuoka Prefecture was an excellent collaboration.
The three boys talked about…
Organic non-alcoholic beverage tasting.
A project to check the growth of plants by taking data from their stems.
Talks about intestinal massage stores and supplements that regulate intestinal flora.
Data-driven parenting methods.
Matsuo Basho’s method of expressing “many selves” in his haiku.
How ostrich is an easy meat to grow and resistant to viruses and diseases.
…etc. It was a fun night.
H” (Akka)
Full reservations required. Innovative fusion, creative cuisine.
4F-A, Time Zone Hilltop Building, 1-18-9 Ebisu-Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

↓Steamed egg custard with caviar and caviar lime


↓ Ostrich meat