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Process Economy: Sell the process, not the finished product!


Photographer at the shoot says, “Smile!” I was told, “Neeeeeeeeeee! I was just about to say🤣
Well, I enjoyed the new book “Process Economy Your Story Becomes Value” written by Kazuhiro Ohara.
In recent years, all products have reached a high level of perfection. Professional-looking dishes can be made by following recipes on recipe websites, and there are many areas where professional-looking results can be achieved. People’s skills have become widespread online, and knowledge is shared instantly through smartphones and social networking sites, so the quality of workmanship has improved dramatically.
In such an era, competing with finished products does not make much difference. All products are of good quality and come in a wide variety of variations. That is why it is important to show the process. Akihiro Nishino’s online salon is a good example of this, where he shows the story of the product from the creation stage.
People resonate empathy through the process.
Therefore, it is better to have people empathize with the story even if it is rejected than to have a cool finished product, which will probably lead to the next step.