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Speedy China: The “Greater Bay Area” of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau (F粤港澳澳大湾区) has developed into a major metropolis!

Very good news!✨
Macau will merge with Yokokin (an island belonging to Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, which is adjacent to southern Macau across a waterway), where Speedy China is located, to form a joint development zone (Yokokin New Area)!
This plan will eventually lead to a major development as the “Greater Bay Area” (Yuehua Bay Area) of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau.
Yokqin has an area of 106 square kilometers, about three times that of Macau.
To attract and foster technological R&D and high value-added manufacturing industries such as IT-related and Chinese medicine, culture, tourism, MICE, trade industry, and modern financial industry so that Macau’s economy can develop more highly.
They will promote a high degree of liberalization of the district’s financial market through preferential corporate income tax policies, attracting talented people from home and abroad, innovative cross-border financial management, strengthening the link between the district’s financial market and offshore financial markets in Macau and Hong Kong, and exploring the establishment of an electronic border fence system.
The promotion of interconnection and interoperability of infrastructure facilities will also be strengthened by extending the Macau LRT (new transit system) into the district, linking it with the mainland China railroad network (which has already opened to Yokqin), and functionally linking it with Zhuhai Airport and Zhuhai Port.
The existing border between Macau and Yokqin will continue to function as the “first line,” while a new “second line” will be established between Yokqin and mainland China at that point. The second line will not restrict human traffic, but will be used for cargo management.
By the way, the photo shows the Speedy China office.
China currently has five special economic zones (1: Xiamen, 2: Shantou, 3: Shenzhen, 4: Zhuhai, and 5: Hainan Province), and Yokogin, where our office is located, is in the third one, Zhuhai. It is expected to become the second Shenzhen.
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