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Oculus (Facebook Inc.) has created “Horizon Workrooms” (beta) VR for business meetings.

Oculus (Facebook Inc.) has created “Horizon Workrooms” (beta version), a VR for business meetings.

The blurb reads, “A VR space for teams to connect, collaborate and develop ideas. You can meet with teammates across borders and across the table. Requires Oculus Quest 2.”

… That’s what I said. I searched for articles and found that “it would be great to have a drinking party with this!” but honestly, I get drunk before I drink.

VR is a hassle to wear a headset, so maybe it should be eyeglass type or smartphone AR like Microsoft’s HoloLens as soon as possible.

The Oculus one this time has the feature that you can see the hand in live-action black and white, but it was subtle. Well, since this is a beta version, I would like to hear opinions like this and hope that they will be useful for this service.

Also, what do you mean there’s no MacBookAir in the list of compatible models that can be viewed on a PC!

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Facebook’s VR conference room, Horizon Workrooms, was a great VR drinking venue.