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Learning from Cancel Culture and the Need for Social Tolerance to be Fulfilled by Celebrities After the Flame

What is happening in the world these days is called “Cancel Culture.
A movement that seeks to eliminate a specific target, such as a celebrity, by denouncing his or her statements or actions, creating a boycott campaign, or canceling programs or commercials that are being broadcast. They thoroughly denounce the wrongs of others and say, “You are no use to us! (The phenomenon of cutting off the other party by saying, “You are cancelled.
There have been many examples in the past month alone, including a mentalist’s argument that homelessness is unnecessary, a musician’s abuse of the disabled, a baseball pundit’s disdain for women, and many more, and we have no use for them! levels are heating up more and more.
Sure, they are all terrible stories, but can we really completely remove celebrities who have made problematic statements on such matters from the media? Is this a good idea? Everyone in society now has a weapon in the form of social networking sites that can easily eliminate those who speak out. Ironically, we have become a society where individuals can become the most monstrous monsters in the history of the media. Of course, this power has also enabled us to change society for the better (social good)…
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Kenichiro Mogi
I really resonated with what he said on his YouTube channel, “It’s okay to criticize what people say, but please don’t denigrate people as well. I really resonated with this comment. However, I feel that it is wrong to exclude or deny the person who made the comment.
I would like to be more tolerant of others. I want to have the kindness to forgive somewhere. I don’t want a society that is difficult to live in. What should I do?
I think you should rethink how apologies should be made by celebrities who speak out on issues.
Nowadays, society will not forgive you, no matter how much you apologize and how much you apologize and how much you apologize. In the past, time would have resolved the issue, but in recent years, flames have unearthed statements from the past 30 years or so, exposed them, cut them out, edited them, and interpreted them in the most extreme ways. So, cancelled celebrities will not get forgiveness on a semi-permanent basis. Celebrities are in the business of speaking out in the media, so it is a riskier job than for the average person. Hence, they have to be more ethical than normal, but even so, their apologies are too ineffective!
The act of apologizing in writing or donating proceeds to the Issue in question is almost meaningless. On the contrary, on the contrary, it invites additional flames of “I’m not really sorry”.
I think the person who spoke out on the issue is in a state of ignorance or lack of insight on the issue. They should first study the homelessness, bullying, and gender inequality issues from experts. Then learn again what their mistakes were, and then maybe, if they study diligently, they will become more knowledgeable in those areas than the average person. Based on this, they should continue to engage in activities that only celebrities can do.
There is no such thing as a society that does not tolerate people who are energetically engaged in such activities. It would be good if problematic statements can be brought into the spotlight and then one day be returned to society.
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