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Speedy Farm (high-tech farm): irrigation by voice from a smartphone and growth management by cloud camera

Speedy Farm The 2nd

Currently, there are six farmlands in Nanjo City, Okinawa, all expanded to 0.8 hectares.
Special emphasis this time was placed on the development of [No. 2] (350 tsubo) as a place to grow saplings before planting.

Sprawling Houses
I built a house with a mesh fence covered with storm netting! Total length 9m x 24m = 216m2 (65 tsubo = as much as a tennis court double)

Dropping water system by natural water
Natural water drawn from a well can be controlled by voice from SIri on a smartphone from anywhere in the world for efficient watering. Of course, a timer can be set. Sounds hi-tech and eco-friendly to me! 🥰

Another cloud-based camera was installed, which can be controlled up, down, left, or right from anywhere in the world using an app called EseeCloud. The recorded HD video will be uploaded to the cloud and relayed live. This can be used to prevent theft and to track down the cause of typhoon damage.
The farmer can talk to himself from his phone in Tokyo on speakerphone without his phone in the field where he is working on the farm.

In case you’re wondering, if you go to a major security company, they’ll buy your camcorder for $500,000 and record it on a hard drive! The whole 😞 speedy thing costs tens of thousands of dollars ✨.
This is where the newly arrived saplings blue banana, Brazilian grapevine (jaboticaba), and Okinawan keats mango will be managed in pots.

Plants grown in [No. 2] are planned to be transplanted to [No. 4] (600 tsubo) and beyond.
Stay tuned for future house operations!

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