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Atsushi Yanagisawa, a junior high school student at his alma mater Takatsuki High School, won the Newcomer Award in his first appearance at the International Conference!

Atsushi Yanagisawa, a current high school student at my alma mater, won the Newcomer Award in his first international conference debut!
Seventeen years old! He is a great genius!
Congratulations, Mr. Yanagisawa!
By creating a database of patient medical records, deep learning, and AI to predict the likelihood of falls in hospitalized patients Research to see if it can be prevented before it happens.
Eiichiro Ueda
Atsushi Inoue
I was able to support the research fund at the suggestion of
Thanks for the great opportunity and awesome accomplishment!
A second-year high school student in the GS course won a prize at ICIEV, an international conference on deep learning.
Emerging Researcher Award.
Presentation theme: “Prediction of Medical Incidents by Analyzing Electronic Medical Records Using Machine Learning” (Japanese title)
– Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University” Takatsuki Junior and Senior High School
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For the Future of Life Science : Donation to Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University Takatsuki High School
ICIEV (International Conference on Informatics, Electronics and Vision)