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Food is the Key to Controlling the Population Explosion

Mangoes represent summer in Okinawa.
is about to end its harvest season.
I received many ripe mangoes from a person who helped me cultivate Speedy’s second farm.
In fact, this person has a very large mango farm, and he told us that the mangoes were no longer ripe enough to ship, so he gave them to us.
Farming makes me think about a lot of things.
Farming is live. You have to know when your product is in season.
1. to produce precisely in response to demand
2. to assess nature, such as typhoons and heavy winds.
3. food loss without efficient delivery.
While enjoying the most delicious mangoes I have ever experienced, I find myself thinking about the future of food.
Human beings will have to control “food” more and more from now on.
The world population is certain to surpass 10 billion by 2050 from 7.5 billion, and efficient agriculture that does not emit Co2 is necessary to cope with explosive population growth in Africa, India, and other regions.
In addition, we can expect technology to solve issues such as the development of genome-edited crops and biotechnologically cultured meat.
Control of “food” is the key to a healthy and long-lived society.