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Three measures to avoid becoming a delta stock corona

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I’d rather get about 15 minutes of sunlight a day to build up my resistance! I’ve been exposed to more. ….
The following information was given to me by a doctor friend.
Since the delta strain is raging in urban areas, even fully vaccinated people should always have the following on hand, just in case.
If you are homebound with corona, you can prevent some of this by preparing and taking these three things.
This method was the recipe taken by the team of doctors when former President Trump had corona.
(1) Take the zinc found in oysters and stuff! 50 mg/day during exhaustion; usually about 10 mg/day.
Zinc gluconate (50 mg) 250 tabs
(2) Vitamins C and D
Vitamin C is anything over 1000 mg. Vitamin D is a supplement of about 50 mcg.
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(3) Famotidine (sold as a heartburn medication, but surprisingly contains a therapeutic ingredient)
◆Reference Overseas news: Clinical trial of famotidine for the treatment of coronary infection COVID19 has started.
The following Japanese over-the-counter medicines contain this ingredient.
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Even fully vaccinated individuals should be prepared for delta strains.
In view, the probability that a fully vaccinated person will get corona (Delta strain) and become severely ill is 1.2%.
Young people, vaccum!💉
◆ Reference
New Coronavirus Infections COVID-19: An Introduction to the Latest Evidence” – from Neurology article (August 7).