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denen Okinawa” offers the taste of real vegetables and fruits

Ms. Hanae Matsushima, who runs the coupon site “pokepo,” introduced us to Ms. Yoko Misawa of “denen Okinawa” and we were able to visit her office.
denen Okinawa” is located in Yaese Town in southern Okinawa. Just 15 minutes away from our villa in Nanjo!
Vegetables and fruits from Okinawa’s mineral-rich soil are gathered from dedicated farmers all over Okinawa. Mr. Misawa leads these farmers with his beliefs, such as soil preparation that takes into account the full and new moons, tides, and other natural factors. She was inspired to start up this project last year after she had finished raising her children.
He says that the produce he handles comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but it cannot be described as “substandard. It is natural, but taste and quality, not shape, is what is important. This is something that is so obvious to farmers, but it must sound new to them. Due to long-standing relationships with wholesalers, “standards” are set in a way that has nothing to do with taste or other essentials, and products are often labeled as “substandard. I felt that “anger” toward such a situation was at the root of the project.
The farmer delivers the product according to the standard, but if the cucumber does not meet the standard, even by 1 cm, it may not be distributed. Natural crops grow freely, but nonfree rules bind people’s minds as well.
The produce brought to “denen Okinawa” does not care about such rules.
The homemade freezer is handmade, cut and pasted from a container house. The office was also built by everyone in the residence.
The fresh vegetables and fruits, which were safe to eat, such as no pesticides, reduced pesticides, and no chemical fertilizers, from farmers who are particular about their produce, were glorious to behold.
I wish the produce we can produce at Speedy Farm would be handled at such a nice place.