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The “substandard” vegetables and fruits are the best crops!

Kariyushi Market, a local supermarket in the neighborhood
When there is nothing, there is nothing. It is inconvenient, but this is normal.
Especially in the summer in Okinawa, there are few crops to be picked and farmers are relaxed, so naturally there are no crops to be found in supermarkets.
In urban supermarkets, most foodstuffs are available regardless of the season. It is horrifying to take this for granted.
Distributors pursued everyone’s convenience and desires for many years. The result, I believe, has been a 24-hour, 365-day-a-year supply of products that would not be available at a time when nature would not allow it.
From now on they don’t have to be open 24 hours a day, and what they can’t pick in season will have to wait for another season!
If we don’t, we will continue to have a lot of ‘substandard’ produce.” Out-of-spec” vegetables are not inedible, damaged, or old. It is simply a rule set by the distribution system (and made so by everyone’s desires). That is why cucumbers that fall short of the 1 cm rule are “substandard. More to the point, it is bad for your health because it is forced to last longer by using the default pesticides. I think that cucumbers that are within the standard are “out of standard” for human beings.
I say it again.” Out of specification” does not mean damaged or third-rate, but rather a first-rate, non-chemical, organic product that the farmer considers the best. The reason is that the
I would like to set up a service to distribute such “off-the-chart” vegetables and fruits throughout Asia.
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