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After Corona Thoughts : How to have hope with realty

How to read the times… It is important to have a big picture view.

As of last July, I expressed the view that it would take 18 months to normalize.
No matter how much we debate whether or not to lock down, we have known for some time that as long as the corona is not eliminated, the restraint will continue.

Last year, many gigs were cancelled, causing great damage to the entertainment industry.
Still, as the year progresses, people’s awareness slackens. They make decisions based on their senses, not on factfulness, thinking that the situation will probably be better in the spring of 2021.

Live concert organizers are forced to accept the government’s word that they can let in spectators up to a quarter of the audience or even half of the audience. They have no choice but to do so in order to stay alive, but at this stage the vaccine is not being disseminated, and the situation has not changed from last year. In fact, in terms of the number of deaths, the situation has worsened, with more than 100 deaths per day since the beginning of this year.

So, planning a live concert within the year is risky. We should remind ourselves that this risk is not a risk brought about by the state, but by our own insensitivity.

The only change is the “feeling” in our minds. In the meantime, the corona world cannot sit back and wait for death, and is taking measures to procreate by creating mutant species.

If I were prime minister right now, I think I would think this way. I would like to somehow host the Olympics during my term of office, gain recognition from the world, and get through the general election in the fall. To do so, I would continue the Japanese-style lockdown until July 23 to keep the number of infected people low. No wonder he wants to get by without subsidies and relying on the people’s savings, since the stock market is high and the macroeconomic situation is not so bad, even though the food and beverage scene in town is terrible.

Here is my view. Live entertainment professionals should fully consider the risks of planning until the vaccine is widely available. And be prepared for more regulations to suddenly get in the way of business, especially before the Olympics, and more and more developments in DX.

If entertainment is also considered from a macro perspective, After Corona will have two things in its hands: the digital foundation it has just created and traditional live income.

Let’s hope for reality!

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