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Slow Life in a Speedy World : At Kuehu Island, an uninhabited coral island in the Kerama Islands

As I lead a “speedy” life, it is rare that I have the opportunity to spend a “slow” life.

… The island of Kuehu in the Kerama Archipelago is a place where the “slow” life fits in well. This is the second time I have landed there. This is an uninhabited island made entirely of coral.

Since it is not possible to berth by boat, a boat can be taken nearby, and people and cargo are transported by marine jet from there.

There are no people on the island, and of course no buildings, toilets, or vending machines. It is made of coral, so there is no sand and no vegetation.

All day long, all I could do was listen to the birds chirping and the sound of the waves.
We spent time flying drones and picking up trash that had drifted ashore together (100% of it from the continent). I’m sure the cup ramen you get from the hot water here is excellent.

I realized that people are allowed to borrow from the earth.