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Speedy Farm: First plantings in mineral-rich soil!

Speedy Farm

Finally, the first planting.
Work begins under the guidance of Seijun Nishibatake, a friend of the company.
Well, you can try anything, right?

I acquired a lot of know-how by cultivating land from a completely wilderness.
The soil in Okinawa is rich in minerals, made up of soil deposited by rivers and ocean currents, and weathering of Ryukyu limestone formed by ancient corals. Therefore, Okinawan soil is low in organic matter, making it the best soil environment for plants!

In particular, the southern part of the country, where I am located, has a special black clay soil called “jargal” (kucha = mud). It is made up of very fine clay particles from marl that has been deposited in the sea since ancient times, and is rich in calcium and minerals.

For this reason, since the Ryukyu Dynasty, women have dried kucha and used it as hair washing powder, or applied it directly to the face and used it as a pack for beauty.
* See below, they sell this soil as a beauty pack!

However, the kucha is not permeable and turns into sticky mud when it rains, making it difficult to farm. ゙.
In the preparation stage, we put in a jumbo truck (a big tractor) the day after it rained, which inadvertently created a lump of clay. This made the planting work much more difficult later on! I’m learning a lot.

However, thanks to everyone’s help, it managed to look like farmland, and the first round of planting was a success. Preparations are still in progress, such as turning on the water, signing up for electricity, and installing surveillance cameras, but for now, we will all eat together! Nothing like lunch on the farm!

◆ Reference
KIREI NOTE : Pack using natural rock mud “Kucha

A brand of face wash and cream utilizing mineral-rich soil (kucha) from southern Okinawa.

SuiSavon -Suri Soap-|Okinawan hand soap specialty store