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What I think about Mars : The possibility that what I believe is far from the truth


A few years ago, my friend ME, who is an engineer at NASA, came to Tokyo for a visit and we went out for drinks.

After a few drinks, we were both getting drunk. Then, for some reason, I asked, “Are there creatures on Mars?” I asked.

Then she nodded with confident blue eyes.
Since then, every time I see Red Mars from Earth, I remember that.

Astronomy historian Percival Lowell (1855 – 1916) wrote “Mars” in 1895, advocating the existence of Martians, and was treated as a whack job for over 100 years. But that is not entirely true.

We should not dismiss the possibility that what we believe may be far from the truth at all.
When someone chants something, I mutter “I don’t know” in my mind. This expands my imagination. I don’t know what the truth is, but I do want Martians to live happily on Mars.

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How to find the unknown “Martian life form”? NASA’s spacecraft “Parsavierance” and the challenges of scientists