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Fuguda Masuo (Hiroshi Masuoka) recommends the book “This is fine, 14 years old.” (Author: Jun Fukuda)

It’s been almost a year since Hiroshi Masuoka, who voiced the role of Masuo-san in the anime “Sazae-san,” passed away. (He was 84 years old on March 21, 2020)

I found some old letters in a warehouse clearance and would like to document them.

Mr. Masuoka played the role of Masuo Fuguda in the anime “Sazae-san” for more than 40 years, from June 1978 to August 18, 2019. In addition, he has also played the role of “Soreike! He also worked as Uncle Jam in “Anpanman.

I think I worked with Masuoka-san around 2009, when ringtones were popular on Galapagos. He was a very friendly person, and I immediately felt at ease with him.

When I released my book, “This is OK, 14 Years Old,” he wrote to me immediately. I found it in the warehouse.

This letter is a treasure.

◆ Reference
It’s a collection of conversations with seven interesting friends, released in 2008, so it’s 13 years old, but it’s still interesting to read now.

Book “Genius Bakabon Authorized Supplementary Reading: This is fine, I’m 14 years old.” (Author: Jun Fukuda)
1. to 14-year-old Kimi he by Jun Fukuda
2. the daughter of a genius is a genius Rieko Akatsuka
3. all told, adolescent sex Masako Yokoyama
4. it was good to be born in the deep sea Yuichi Kitamura
5. sunday job is my job Yukio Tachibanagawa
6. try to do both male and female, Kisaragi Ondoluru
Bakabon Papa is a Bodhisattva Keisuke Matsumoto
8. you have to be qualified to be a dad Tetsuya Ando
9. “It’s Bakabon Papa” by Fujio Akatsuka, illustrated by Fujio Akatsuka