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Oxygen matters! Recommendations for oxygen activities to avoid coronas.

Oxygen is important!

So I went to an oxygen capsule in my neighborhood.

There was a news story once about a Beckham player who went into a hyperbaric oxygen capsule when he broke his left leg to recover quickly.

First, it is common knowledge that oxygen is essential for human life, but let me explain how important oxygen is in the coronal disaster.

The coronavirus is a type of cold virus that causes pneumonia. Yuichiro Haneda, a member of the Diet, died of asphyxiation due to respiratory failure (lack of oxygen) caused by the corona.

The human lungs function only in an extremely passive manner. The lungs are “mesh sheets” into which oxygen from the air is drawn. This is why pneumonia makes it difficult to breathe.

Oxygen in the atmosphere is 21%. A quarter of that, about 5%, is used to maintain the brain.
When the oxygen in the air is reduced by 3% to 18%, the person becomes lightheaded and dazed.
If it decreases by 6% and falls below 15%, a situation of “oxygen deprivation” occurs and is dangerous. As with other hypoxic symptoms such as so-called altitude sickness, the person loses consciousness.

This in terms of blood oxygenation (measurable on Apple Watch6) is usually %くらい。95-90% 99-95. at around %くらい。95-90%, I get dazed. below 90%, I pass out.

It might have helped if Senator Haneda had been fitted with an oxygen tank in an ambulance instead of in a private car driven by his secretary.

Kanagawa Prefecture is going to build a hot center, an emergency facility that only supplies oxygen. Oxygen is that important.

Oxygenation refreshes the blood and revitalizes cellular tissue.
Therefore, people who do not get coronas with natural immunity are those who live a regular life, get plenty of sleep, and have a balanced diet.
When stress and cholesterol are low, the blood is clean and oxygen can be sent to every corner of the body, so the immune system is strong. Therefore, even if coronas come, they can be killed.

We should at least have a blood oxygen analyzer, oxygenated water for exercise, and an oxygen cylinder for mountain climbing in case of emergency.
↓ Below is a more technical discussion. (Yoga is a great way to get oxygen into the body.)
Oxygen in the body consists of “bound oxygen,” which is bound to hemoglobin, and “dissolved oxygen,” which dissolves directly into the blood and lymphatic fluid and reaches the peripheral tissues. There are two types.

Hemoglobin (hemoglobin), the “carrier” of oxygen in the blood, is the component that makes up the majority of red blood cells. Normal pulmonary respiration can only carry oxygen in the “bound” form. The brain, kidneys, liver, and skin are a mass of capillaries, which are thinner than hemoglobin, making blood flow more difficult.

Dissolving type] About 90% of blood vessels are capillaries, which are 30% thinner than hemoglobin molecules, resulting in poor blood flow. Since it is difficult to take in a large amount of dissolved oxygen through normal breathing, oxygen cylinders and capsules exist.

The special breathing techniques practiced by yoga and qigong masters can be considered dissolution-type breathing. As the walls of blood vessels become thinner and more contaminated with cholesterol and other substances, it becomes more difficult for hemoglobin-bound oxygen to pass through the blood vessels. It is said that the lack of oxygen causes diseases and aging.

More of this “dissolved oxygen” is needed to supply oxygen to every cell. When eating habits are disordered, sleep deprived, or overworked, blood vessels become thin due to cholesterol and other contaminants, and the red blood cells and blood vessels become clogged with oxygen. This causes blood flow to deteriorate and oxygen deficiency to occur.
It is said to cause aging, blurring, and all diseases.

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