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Considering the New Order in the Post-Corona Era


It may have been only a very small undertaking for them, but for the Earth, it was a major event unlike anything it had ever experienced.
Without warning, a swarm of huge spaceships arrived from the far reaches of space as if they were raining down on the ground.

This is a passage from author Arthur C. Clarke’s first full-length novel, “Childhood’s End” (1952), which he wrote at the age of 35.
Invaders came from Overlord, a country inhabited by highly intelligent beings in space. Kaleran, the führer, quickly conquered the world. It did not kill and annihilate the people of the earth, but in areas of racism, it caused eclipses to stop the sun and inflicted the same pain on those who mistreated animals.
The measures that were taken by the government have brought peace to mankind at one time.

Their identity and purpose remain a mystery as the story unfolds. The story comes to a surprising conclusion, but those interested should read the novel. It is a very thought-provoking ending.

I can’t help but think that the aliens in this 70-year-old novel are the new coronavirus.

Ironically, because of the virus, the earth is returning to a beautiful planet with CO2 levels plummeting like never before.

Führer Karelan said.
The day will come when you will rule the planets of our solar system.
But the day will never come when mankind will conquer the universe.”

In the post-corona era, we must not simply try to go back to before, but create a new order that is earth-friendly.


Jun Fukuda



The End of Childhood (Kobunsha Classics New Translation Collection) Arthur C. Clarke


The new coronavirus has led to a dramatic global decline in greenhouse gas emissions.