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Speedy Resorts Staff Meeting on Ground Investigation

Speedy Resorts

Today, we confirmed the results of the ground investigation and the progress to be made by the parties concerned.

It’s too much of a jungle for people to know about the depth of the land on this cliff, they only know from the drawings.
So we had to check its full extent while descending the cliff.

It will become clear whether this resort is 3 or 4 stories (or is it? W?).
At the very least, the first floor is set to be at the height of the roof top.

The path leading to Niihara (Miebal) Beach is almost a jungle with many aggressive mosquitoes.
If only this place could be successfully opened to the beach, we could jump into the ocean from the sauna! can be realized.

I have produced various entertainment media such as satellite broadcasting, i-mode, movies, stage, museums and galleries. I think this is the first time I’ve developed a ゙rt.

When I was in my 20s, I accompanied Mr. Banjiro Uemura, the founder of Tohoku Shinsha, around the world, seeing, touching, and learning about all kinds of architectural styles. I think I can make use of this experience.

Mr. Uemura designed a home in Oyamadai, Setagaya that looks like a pool resort in the South of France, and he also has his own interior design company, National Trading Co. He is a very talented and experienced architect. He also has a deep knowledge of art, and now that I think about it, I realize how much his training has positively influenced me today. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for me.
It’s scheduled for completion in 2022, so stay tuned!

Snap is…
Mr. Takamasa Touyama (third from left) of Miebashi Shoji, a real estate company with 60 years of experience in the real estate business, who sold us this land.
Young architects Hayaya Yamamoto and Kaori (two from right), who run the design office “Atelier TETE.
The surveying team is Kiyoshi Uehara (second from left) and Hokuto Sugimoto (first from left) of the “Uehara Office.
We’re going all-Okinawa!