Speedy NEWS

There is an eternal offline.

There are many things to do in Okinawa, such as witnessing the surveying for the construction of “Speedy Resorts” and completing the final design drawings, but above all, this nature. This nature is the source of all ideas.

When we are in the city, we tend to be in an online space created in the midst of a corona disaster that prevents us from going out and communicating directly with people.

The nature of Okinawa gives human immunity. People are not to dominate nature, but to be part of the earth’s eco-system.

First of all, walk in the forest, go to the sea, smell the flowers, listen to the birds crying, and use all of your senses to feel nature, to become one with it, and to feel the earth.

Let’s not forget that humans have come a long way from all this offline stuff!