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NON” drew the official character of “Japan SDGs Action Promotion Council”!

NON” drew the official character of “Japan SDGs Action Promotion Council”!

On October 11, 2020, I appeared at the “Asahi Earth Conference 2020” online event hosted by Asahi Shimbun, with Kaoru Nemoto, Director of the United Nations Information Center, and Shojiro Okuyama, Editor-in-Chief of withnews, in a trilogy discussion on “SDGs without hurdles” about “Making SDGs personal”.

SDG Child and SDG Husband
– Character to learn about the SDGs with those who want to learn about the SDGs in the future.
– The body is the earth and the eyes are the SDGs colors, twins.
– I’m about to learn about the SDGs and try my best to work on them.
– The catchphrase “Let’s sell our debt to the earth” is the main pillar of our efforts to make the earth a sustainable place.
– His favorite saying is, “I owe the earth!”

Saki-chan and Shiro-chan
– Saki is good at making flowers bloom and has a flower garden on her head that blooms and wilts with each blooming emotion.
– Shiro-chan is like a hermit who has the erudition to guide SDG children and SDG husbands and is well versed in the SDGs
– Shiro-chan is very good at growing trees, and Saki-chan is a girl who sees Shiro-chan as her rival.

We plan to start a series of articles utilizing these children on the Asahi Shimbun’s news site withnews.
Let’s go make the SDGs personal together!

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