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NHK Sogo “Close-Up Today” [Nonn x Sustainability] Moving Society! Lifestyle changes for women

NHK Sogo “Close-Up Today

NON × Sustainability

On Tuesday, October 13, #Kurogen Plus will be “Moving Society! Lifestyle Changes for Women”.
The keyword is “sustainability.
NON”, the first SDGs People selected by the Japan SDGs Action Promotion Council, will talk about sustainability and upcycling.

Store design that breaks away from mass production and mass consumption
Women who are trying to turn the economy around through local production for local consumption, rather than relying on inbound travel.
And Non-san, she has clothes…


Scheduled to broadcast
NHK Sogo Tuesday, October 13, 2020, 22:00 (subject to change due to disasters, etc.)

Studio Appearance: Ms. Ayako Sonoda (Representative Director of Crean / NPO Sustainability Japan Forum)
(Executive Director / FRaU SDGs project member), Shinichi Takeda, Akiko Aihara, announcer

VTR Appearance: Nonn (Actress, Creative Artist, Japan SDGs Action Promotion Council SDGs People No.1)