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People seek unexplored places as a story.

Why do people seek unexplored places?

Living in the city for a long time brings up feelings that are the opposite of missing people.
I want to go to a world where no one else is.

Maybe it is such stories that people seek in unexplored places.

We traveled to the unexplored Kawarage Jigokuzan (Mt. Jigoku) in Akita Prefecture.
He said that there is a paradise among the 136 hells.
A number of waterfalls with abundant hot springs flowing out of them. We found a good-sized waterfall basin under the waterfalls, along with steam, and enjoyed the hot water often.

It is a private place with no signal and no people.

At dusk, if you get the timing wrong, you lose your way.
This world of last-minute sensations.
With my senses sharpened, I set out on my way home.

The lights of the city returning from the unexplored areas still make one feel at ease.