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Shunsuke Ushida of Habataku Corporation’s New Community in the Countryside

Aftercorona, more people will leave the dysfunctional city.

I met with Shunsuke Ushida, a.k.a. “Ushi,” the representative of Habataku, a company that transforms the countryside into a new community.

He is an entrepreneur full of ideas, mainly in the town of Gojome, Akita Prefecture.
In 2015, he started “Share Village” using an old private house, turned an abandoned school into a nice shared office, and operates “Just a Playground” using idle real estate.

The old private houses are carefully provided as they were in the old days, including the kamado and the earthen floor, although the showers and toilets have been nicely renovated. ICT allows small communities to solve global problems and at the same time enjoy an affluent life without any inconvenience. Such a dream-like society is being realized.
That’s great.

Shunsuke Ushida
Democratizing Community Building.
Instead of aiming for the expansion and growth of one big village, it would be much more fun to have a future where small villages are born one after another in an autonomous and decentralized manner (horny) and loosely connected!

We are developing a platform optimized for the launch and operation of a co-creation community, or “village,” that transcends relationships between producers and consumers, charismatics and followers, and that is brought together and nurtured by all.

A “village tech,” so to speak.
We will also promote social experiments that utilize the concept of villages in various areas and industries.”

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↓ Shared village “Machimura” renovated from an old private house


↓ Shared office space in an abandoned school