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Sauna brings a new world of sensation : TAZAWAKO SAUNA – lakeside, sauna, and coffee

The new lifestyle brought about by Corona will change people’s lives in a “relaxed” manner.

The sauna boom may be due to the shift from the world of “thinking” to the world of “feeling.

I met and experienced Makoto Yashima, an entrepreneur who is developing a new sauna in Akita.

TAZAWA SAUNA – lakeside, sauna and coffee

The lakeside tent sauna is 120 degrees! Dive into the cold lake Tazawa from the various scented waxes! Repeat this.
It is an amazing metabolic process that feels so good that it even “amazes” the skin.
Two hours of fun, a good cup of coffee, and enlightenment!

Mr. Yajima is a very smart entrepreneur, having worked for an IT company in Tokyo. He is going to start offering this kind of sauna life in harmony with nature nationwide. A new sauna experience on par with Finland, you should try it too!


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