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Credit value as self-branding

Even if you can’t move from Tokyo because of the Corona disaster, you can still get an idea of the typhoon conditions at the proposed resort construction site in Okinawa.
It also shows the gallery in Los Angeles, which has finally opened.
The Chinese officers also receive information from the embassy and the city from time to time.
The information society is great!

On the other hand, the documentary I watched yesterday, “The Great Hack,” made me think.
In this film, Cambridge Analytica, an election consultant headquartered in the United Kingdom, teams up with Russia to manipulate social networking sites to win the 2016 presidential election. This is the inside story of how the Trump administration was created to divide the United States.

We are all responsible for our credit card usage history, web searches, location data, social networking likes, security cameras at convenience stores, etc., and all of our activities. ゙ Instantly collected and sold to companies with needs.
The buyer of information is fully aware of even the emoticon of your mind.
Your preferred content and services that are tied to you will continue to be repeatedly suggested just for you.

And providing information on preferences is just the beginning. The next step is to gradually promote what you dislike, what makes you angry, and guide your thought process.
You may be at the mercy of the sender without realizing it, and you may be made to think in a certain biased way. You don’t even realize that you have become a great hoax maker.

This is because the market value of personal data has become a large industry with the development of smartphones and social networking services, and still has room for growth.

The state should understand the value of data and consider orderly operations like Estonia’s, based on the premise that our personal data is part of our human rights. I think.

IDC Research: Global Big Data Market to be worth 20 trillion yen by 2020. Japan accounts for about 1.5% of the global market.

Estonia’s Personal Number and Personal Data Protection: Don’t Let Your Personal Data “Walk Alone

The idea that “data is the new oil” is wrong to begin with.