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Enlightening public bathhouse

By some chance, I have recently been hanging out with a young entrepreneur, Yuki Naruse, in Kyoto.
Took me to Hakusan-yu, a public bathhouse in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto!

A water bath with mellow spring water as its source. The water spurting from an exaggerated brass faucet soothes you, and now you are ready for a hot bath. After alternating between the two, we rest for about five minutes.
Strangely, the brain becomes clear in every corner. According to Mr. Naruse, this method is a way to easily become enlightened.

After enjoying the enlightenment, I filled a plastic bottle with the spraying spring water and brought it back to the hotel.
Drinking that water purified my body and made me feel like I was part of nature.
Please read the following article for Naruse’s story that takes you on such an inner journey.

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