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Zen” as a New Way of Thinking by Zenryu Kawakami


I had a pleasant chat with Kawakami Zenryu, author of “Zen Classrooms for the World’s Top Elite” and vice-abbot of Myoshinji Shunko-in Temple.

In early April, I attended a Zoom zazen meeting led by Kawakami-san.
I was fascinated by its rational style. Rather than the Japanese image of “Zen = hard work,” it relaxes one’s state of mind and brings new awareness to one’s self and the world through proper recognition.
Zen as a new way of thinking.

What do we need to enhance our creativity? One answer is a Zen Buddhist approach, to see things as they are, without subjectivity. (omitted).
One way to do this is to prepare the body and mind to be able to think in such a way. It is more important to give people more space than to put pressure on them. I think that Japanese people today really do not know how to have a relaxed mind. That is the problem, which is why I want to promote the concept of mindfulness. In order to think freely, we need to be relaxed.”

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