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Summary of currently used drugs (Western medicine) for the treatment of minor coronas

Currently used drugs for the treatment of minor coronas (Western medicine)

In fact, it is not that different from a Chinese herbal formula. Ingredients to cure insect bites and ingredients to cure skin irritations.

I have seen articles about (2), Pranikel, that are concerned about side effects and that it is ineffective in many countries. If this is the case, I would rather take a strong herbal medicine.

This is just my personal opinion. It’s just a note because it’s information to prepare myself for when I become a corona.

Prescription: 2 Coping
…take ivermectin and Plaquenil tablets.
Inhalation of Orbesco three times a day

(1) Ivermectin (an anthelmintic) is a drug used to treat parasitic infections that cause paralysis and death in ticks.

New Corona Infections: Will Ivermectin, a Nobel Prize-winning Japanese drug, be the savior? (Masahiko Ishida) – Y!

(2) About Plaquenil (immunomodulator hydroxychloroquine sulfate)
Plaquenil is a one malaria drug. Beware of retinopathy.

COVID-19, Hydroxychloroquine use not supported/Université Paris Est Créteil, France.

Hydroxychloroquine, expected to be used in new coronavirus infections / U.S. and FDA revoke emergency use authorization.

(3) Orbesco
Inhaled steroids to control asthma in children.

Novel Coronavirus Summary of Development Trends for Therapeutics and Vaccines [COVID-19] (UPDATE August 7) http://answers.ten-navi.com/pharmanews/17853/