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Corona thought : “Human greed vs. virus”

“Human greed vs. viruses.”

From the new Corona’s side, they have successfully adapted to human society.
The ability to transmit the disease from person to person was very high.

The match with human society was amazing in that the infection was transmitted through basic human life, essential communication such as talking, shaking hands, and eating together.

What can we do to combat corona for a year until a vaccine is available?
Corona’s favorite food is “human greed. If that is the case, then only abnegation and asceticism can avoid them.

Lao Tzu’s ideal of ignorance and selflessness was expressed as “study for the sake of learning and do for the sake of doing,” or “study for the sake of learning and do for the sake of doing, and do for the sake of doing.

He says that by throwing away everything we have acquired, eliminating waste, and reaching a state of “nothingness,” we become one with “the Way,” or the source of all things.

When you take an outdoor bath in the great outdoors or let yourself drift on the waves of the ocean, you may feel a kind of oneness with nature.

When they reach this point, coronas lose interest in humans and often do not come near them.

When you are in Okinawa, you live naked, so first of all, you have no desire for things. You spend all your time reading and do not communicate with strangers.

We have to fight Corona for at least another year. To do so, he may have no choice but to live a life of “seiko-udoku.

* “Seikou-rainou-yomi” means to live peacefully in the countryside, away from the cares of the world. On sunny days, people cultivate their fields, and on rainy days, they stay at home and read books.