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Top YouTuber “Yuka Kinoshita” is now in China! (Collabo technology x Arikaka x Speedy)

Speedy Inc. is helping out too!

Yuka Kinoshita’s “Weibo” live-streaming for mainland China was a great success, attracting 130,000 viewers and more than 2.66 million followers after the broadcast.

We will continue to distribute this service in the future, so please contact us if you are a client targeting the Chinese market for cross-border e-commerce, etc. We are getting a tremendous response!

Collaboration Technology partners with Chinese company Yuhuagari to launch the “Influencer China Expansion Project”!
As the first step, an audition will be held and Yuka Kinoshita, the best female YouTuber in Japan, will live-stream on the Chinese SNS “Weibo”! :