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After Corona Thinking : “weMORI Project” to make the earth live longer

Perhaps the greatest achievement of modern invention is time.

What happens when civilization advances and technology makes all life more convenient?
In primitive times, people spent an inordinate amount of time searching for dead trees, building fires by friction, and diving into the sea to cook and eat the fish they caught.

In the 21st century, someone catches, cooks, and eats processed food in a microwave oven. It takes only a few minutes to prepare.

This difference has created an enormous amount of “free time. Some people try to cook more elaborate dishes to consume this “free time,” while others spend it playing games or on their smartphones. I think the Zen (mindfulness) boom is part of this trend.

Humans have built civilization by overcoming their own weaknesses. We invented clothes because it was cold, air conditioners because it was hot, and cars and airplanes because it was too hard to keep walking. The more inventions we created, the more unlimited time we had.

The next invention that people should do in this infinite time would be to implement ideas that will make #Earth live longer. Nowadays, saying “living in harmony with nature” or “being kind to the earth” does not resonate. We need to say, “As you may have learned from Corona, viruses are scary, nature is scary, so if you keep thinking about making money, generating thermal power, flying airplanes, and eating beef, the earth will die, and then we will die too.

Let’s think about the earth for our own survival, even if we are human “egos”.

Therefore, I would like to support the weMORI project proposed by our ally Shimizu Ian as much as possible. Please visit the website.

weMORI: An App to Regenerate the Earth