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What is Denmark’s first “Constructive Journalism” (constructive reporting)?

What is Denmark’s first “Constructive Journalism” (constructive reporting)?

Gerda Maria May
Constructive News is not a replacement for regular journalism, but an addition to it.”

It is accurate reporting on solutions to problems. People turn away from the media because they only report problems without showing solutions. You have to report the problem, but you have to show the solution and give hope.”

On the Danish public local radio station “DR” (Odense), a program called “Public Service” He solicits a wide range of solutions from listeners, and even moves ministers to find a way to solve the problem.
Now “DR” is on national television.

For example, for “food loss,” we introduced a specialty store that specializes in only vegetables that are irregular in shape and cannot be sold as products and made it thrive. Ideas were received on how to reduce losses by having people make their own lunches, and how to eliminate waste by making Sundays a surplus food day.

The experts have told us that the app has enabled them to collect all the nets with an IC chip. ゙nalism” has had some success.

Jesper Borup, host of “Public Service.”
There has been criticism of journalism for being too prescriptive,” he said. There was a lack of constructive reporting. If there is journalism that continues to cover a problem until it is resolved We can keep them in the news.”

The above is from NHK’s “News Deserts and Viruses: The Struggle for Local Media in the U.S.