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Open Source Investigation using only the Internet (Public Information Survey)

It was an interesting program. Nowadays, investigative reporting can be done only with online video. Ironside can now investigate even without four competent men. ←Sorry, too old-fashioned a metaphor.

BS1 Special “Digital Hunter: Chasing a Mysterious Internet Research Group” -NHK Ondemand ゙

The Open Source Investigation method can be used to investigate incidents in hidden places anywhere in the world. All it takes is a detailed analysis of publicly available online information, Google Maps, Facebook, etc., to find out the whole story of the case. The results will be elucidated. The report covers specific cases, such as the shooting deaths in Cameroon.

First, the analysis begins based on the video of the shooting, which was posted by an unknown person. Based on the shape of the mountains in the background, the location is identified on Google Maps. From the shadows, the location of the sun is determined, and the season is also identified. The country of the soldier is also identified from the gun and uniform.

Based on a BBC report that was discovered, the Cameroonian government detained the soldiers and they were arrested.
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