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The idea behind the first “Spider-Man” film


A scathing film review follows. Spoiler alert!
I watched the latest “Spider-Man: No Way Home”.
I was going to watch this film with respect because it is a blockbuster produced and distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment, one of my old friends, and also because it was a contribution to maximize Sony’s quarterly financial results…. ….
Such terrible content… It’s like a big Kamen Rider gathering. An easy meta-verse production in which two Peter Parkers from the past also appear. The difficult problems are all solved by “Doraemon”.
Don’t let high school students have power. It doesn’t come with responsibility. If they had followed the decisions of sensible adults, this story could have been done in about 20 minutes without so many people being killed. ….
The first “Spider-Man” was scheduled to be released in 2001. I was in office and remember the time well: 911 had broken out, the World Trade Center building was in the key visuals, and the U.S. was losing confidence due to the tragedy, so the release was postponed until 2002.
Although the DC Comics-based “Batman” existed before that, “Spider-Man” was an early American comic book adaptation based on Marvel Comics.
Sam Raimi, who was hired to direct the film, declared, “I will not make this as a superhuman American comic book adaptation,” and in marketing the film, he made sure to treat it as “a story about an ordinary high school student living in New York City. And the concept stuck with people. The movie was a huge hit, and Sony rose from being the worst studio to the top.
Twenty years have passed since the release of the first “Spitterman” and Sam Raimi’s brilliant concept no longer exists. It is just surviving through franchise (second loach) production. As Scorsese and Spielberg say, “American comics are not movies.
Amy Pascal, who was the studio head of Sony Pictures at the time, came down from the sky at some point to serve as the producer of the film, which was produced by her own “A Pascal Studio.
Amy was exposed in 2014 after a cyberattack from North Korea and her own racist emails were exposed, which led to her resignation.
◆Sony U.S. film subsidiary Pascal Co-Chairman resigns (2015/02/05 )
Still, those in power are not discouraged. That lesson alone is conveyed in the latest film. On an unimportant past note, I once took care of your child for about half a day while Amy was busy at a meeting. Good grief.
The image is from an actual 2001 American comic book, in which Spider-Man stands in front of a building that has collapsed. Comic book heroes are powerless in the face of reality. This is the kind of reality I want movies to portray.