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Community value (participation value), not asset value (asset value)

I see business potential in the value that can only be found here, such as LPs that have not been made into CDs, movies that are only available on VHS that have not been made available online, or art books that are not meant to be made into Kindle. (I don’t see the point of NFTing art that has real value!)
I think this is also the reason why urban TSUTAYA complexes are well run.
To maximize the value of the real, an overwhelming amount of effort and quality is required, so the knowledge of the craftsmen who make them and the experts (geeks) in the field must be brought together.
In order to market them, it is necessary to create community value (participation value) that is strong even for a small number of people, rather than asset value (asset value). For this purpose, knowledge and experience in Internet marketing is important.
With a subcultural spirit at its core, the
Jimbocho and Akihabara along the Chuo Line will become model towns.
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