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NON x heyhey “Supporting actress NON’s Christmas live performance at Zepp” (heyhey Japan K.K.)

Non x heyhey
We support actress NON’s Zepp Live concert on Christmas Day.”
(heyhey Japan K.K.)
The “heyhey” service allows you to have your thoughts and feelings delivered as a video message gift by the star of your dreams.
As a member of CAA, one of the four largest talent agencies in the U.S., Caleb Franklin is the Managing Director of India Operations and a global CEO and founder with a strong influence on the entertainment industry in India as well as the U.S. He has been a member of CAA for many years. The service was inspired by the company’s experience in management. The service is currently available in two countries, India and Japan.
You will receive an original message from Nonon.
From NON through heyhey to all of you!
heyhey Global CEO Greetings